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The Halo Effect - Washington Post


The Halo Effect

Reviewed by Philip Landon

Sunday, August 1, 2004; Page BW07


By Agota Bozai

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Three Monkeys Review

To Err is Divine - by Ágota Bozai

By Rita Balla

Ágota Bozai, Hungarian journalist and writer, treats us to her second novel, where she has a go at a sort of post-socialist magic realism and delivers this satirical account of what happened in the east European Countries when ‘at-all-costs capitalism’ sprung up from the ashes of the previously Soviet-controlled governments. The author, in a candid and almost subdued way, presents a merciless portrait of the corrupted binomial between entrepreneurial and ruling classes, seasoned with heavy and futile bureaucracy and a blinded yearning for spirituality. Actually, reading back the last sentence you’d be forgiven for thinking that the novel is set in Italy…

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The Christian Science Monitor

She can't hide her light under a bushel

In this bestselling satire from Hungary, a schoolteacher discovers she has a halo

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2004 kétszáz legjobb könyve

PUBLIB Best Books for 2004

Originally published on PUBLIB in three parts, this post is designed to give
readers easy one-URL access to the list of best books for 2004, as selected
by the PUBLIB discussion list community. Compiled by David Faulkner, Austin
Public Library, Austin, Texas.

PUBLIB, a discussion list for public librarians, can be found at

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Tűsarok interjú

"Ha már ilyen rosszmájú vagyok"

Bozai Ágota író

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Being a writer and literary translator is a style of living, an unmatchable, pestilent and pleasant condition. Processing texts requires humility, fluency, unconstraint, intentness and an overmounting sense - that's a remarkable composition with an exquisite equilibrium I live and learn. This process of studies is documented here.

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